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Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Owners Association



How long have your owned your beach hut?

Have you owned your beach hut for a long time? Perhaps before the 1960s? We are trying to find out how long the beach huts have been paying rent to the local Council (it would have been the Whitstable Urban District Council ("WUDC") at that time). Do let us know, and if you still retain any paperwork from that time, we would be very interested to see it! Do contact the Secretary at 01227 262066, or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




It’s a bit short notice from them, but the construction of the new Council-owned huts is due to commence tomorrow (Wednesday, 29th January 2014).

Our huts numbered TW152, 153, 159, 160, 162, 108-110 and then 117 -125 are close to the prospective sites.

Please see below the information that engineers have sent to us with regards to the new huts;

  • ·         Groundworks – All of the groundworks will be completed at the same time.
  • ·         Foundations – All foundations will be poured at the same time.
  • ·         Support Structures & Platforms – All support structures and platforms will be completed successively.
  • ·         Hut Construction – Huts will be constructed and completed one by one, with the next started when the previous is completed.
  • ·         Steps – Steps will be installed to all huts after all huts are constructed.
  • ·         With regards the schedule, the Council have allowed ten weeks; although, weather dependant, it is possible that the works could be complete in as little as six weeks.










Please do not delay. Send your views to Richard Griffiths at the address given to you in the documents, and please send us a copy too, so that we may keep a record of comments.

 WE NOW CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. We have been told that your comments will carry weight with the Council.


Marilyn Richards
The Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Owners' Association
27 Fitzroy Road
Tankerton, Whitstable,
Kent, CT5 2LG
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







 12th November 2013

 Dear Members,                                                                          



As you are well aware, we have been in negotiation with Canterbury City Council for a very long time about the Lease under which we all rent our Hut Sites from the Council.  During the summer we have been working hard in the background, and now have a number of things to report to you.


There are two strands to the negotiations. The first concerns the Lease document. The second relates to the future of our Rental arrangements.


The Lease


Back in June, we were advised that the Council’s legal team were taking external advice about certain definitions concerning the legality of some clauses in the proposed Lease document.  Since that advice was received, we have repeatedly asked for the conclusions, but so far have not been allowed to see the advice in full nor even a summary of it.


As recently as 5th November we were told by Suzi Wakeham (who heads the relevant department) that the new Lease will be sent to all hut owners on Wednesday, 13th November.


We have seen this today, and there are many things for us to consider.  On the upside, it appears that we have been granted our full Right to Buy and Sell, as we have always enjoyed over the years.  However, there are swingeing rental increases to concern us.


Rental arrangements


The Council embarked on a “Benchmarking Exercise” in the summer, which we and the Herne Bay Beach Hut Owners’ Association have been involved in.  This has been carried out to compare our rental arrangements with a number of other councils around the South East of the country.  In all, about 50 individual localities were brought into the calculations, and a number of points of comparison were registered.  We attempted to find out the annual total cost of running a hut, together with the cost rated by the area of the huts.


It is not at all clear, however, that the Council has taken the result of this exercise into consideration – hence our surprise at the suggested new annual rents.


What happens next?


We have two meetings with the Council, scheduled for 20th November regarding the Benchmarking exercise, and 4th December regarding the Lease.


We will be giving urgent consideration to the various documents and will be writing to all members very soon.


Councillors also have a meeting on the 12th December, and these matters will be discussed. We will need to advance our cause to the Councillors at that meeting and other similar meetings.


Beach Hut Insurance


Another matter that we need to discuss is the question of Beach Hut Insurance.  We had previously warned you that the new Lease requires us all to have Public Liability Insurance with cover of £5 million.   The market for Beach Hut Insurance is definitely a niche market, and we are also aware that many members do not presently carry insurance on their huts.  However, despite our endeavours over a long time, the Council will not accept this situation.


We would stress that this is not just a requirement of our Council.  It is now mandatory with Local and National Government that everyone MUST have Public Liability Insurance.  It is possible that you may insure for the insurance company’s minimum amount, but you will still receive the full benefit of £5 Million of Public Liability Insurance.


If you already have Beach Hut Insurance, you will already have the £5 million cover required.


We are not yet aware of exactly when the new requirements will take effect.  However, this is one of the questions that we will be asking at our next meeting with the Council.


There are three principal players in this insurance market. You will be aware that we have been on friendly terms with TL Risk Solutions.  However, Towergate took over TL Risks, and the team that ran TL Risks split off and has now formed Love Your Hut.  Ryan Insurance is the third.


The companies have excellent websites that will help your considerations, and there is information on them on our own website.


Please do read through the Council’s documents carefully when they arrive, and make contact with us as needed.  Please also write to the Council expressing your views about the new Lease and Rental structure, and copy us into your comments, either by email or letter. In that way we will be able to present your views to the Council, either at our face- to- face meetings, or at the Council’s Executive Committee meeting on 12th December, which will be held at the Guildhall in Canterbury.   We may well ask you later to come to Council Meetings in support of our presentations.


Thank you for your continuing support.


Alan Buckett                        Chairman, Negotiating  sub-Committee

John Marsh                          Chairman, Main Committee

David Richards                    Treasurer

Marilyn Richards                Secretary


                                                The Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Owners’ Association



If you wish to contact us by email or post, write to Marilyn Richards at:-


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




27, Fitzroy Road

Tankerton, Whitstable

Kent, CT5 2LG






"AGM for 2013?"


You will all have been waiting for this year's Notice of Annual General Meeting, which we usually hold in late October/November of each year.  However, for the second time in three years, Canterbury City Council has strung out our negotiations with them (and postponed two of our most recent meetings) with the result that we still have nothing concrete to tell our members about the plans for our new beach hut leases at an AGM.  We are still hopeful, however, of a good result, and have two meetings now arranged with the Council (on the 20th November, regarding the beach hut benchmarking exercise) and on the 4th December (regarding our leases).


This does not give us time enough to prepare for our AGM before Christmas, and so we plan to hold this in the New Year.


However, once we have had our second meeting on the 4th December, we will send out a Newsletter giving you all an idea of what we have been able to negotiate.  The Council knows that we will refer the results of these negotiations to all of our members, and so it will be vital for as many of you as possible to attend the AGM in the New Year, in order put your views forward.  We may not be able to do everything that you have asked us to do, but do know that we will have tried our very best.  Your support of our work at the AGM may make a difference in the end.


If any of you have any queries or suggestions in the meantime, do let us know. 


Marilyn Richards


The Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Owners' Association



Since 2001 we have been representing our members who own beach huts in Tankerton.

Our aim is to represent the interests of our members and provide services to them.
We aim to make the area safe, pleasant and a fun place to visit.

We are run by a team of voluntary helpers and if you would like to become involved in
any way, we would  very much like to hear from you.

Annual Membership is from only £10 per year and is open to anyone who owns a
beach hut in Tankerton, so if you would like to become a member, simply click here to join.

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